About Us

The Dough

It all starts with the dough! Through much delicious research and experience, we have concluded that the best pizza crust is made using four basic ingredients of salt, water, flour and yeast. We do not use any additives, oils or unnecessary fillers in our pizza dough, and also do not freeze or “save” any for the next day. We ensure all our customers get their pizza crust at the absolute peak of it’s flavor and texture. This is the Blazing Stone Pizza guarantee!

The Cheese

We have experimented with many brands and types of cheeses, and have chosen one which complements our dough and sauces. Also try our pizza with Fresh Mozzarella for a creamier, richer flavor (which we recommend only eating in-restaurant, as this cheese has a higher water content that can make the crust soggy).

The Pepperoni

Try the small thicker pepperonis that cup when baked, medium size ones that are thin and crispy, or larger slices that sprawl out. Choices, choices, choices!

The Meatballs

Baked fresh daily! Excellent on our meatball sandwiches, pizzas (sliced up) or even as an appetizer smothered in one of our sauces.

The Chicken

Marinaded overnight in a robustly-flavored garlic and pepper base, our baked never-frozen chicken breast is amazing on salads, sandwiches and pizzas.

The Veggies

So many fresh veggies to choose from! Be lean, be green!

The Pesto

Our home-made pesto: bright green and oily. It is a savory base spread for our Focaccia and sandwich breads. Also great with salads!

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